About the organizers

Go Global Education Fair

UStudy is the premier educational consultancy for North America in Europe and is based in the Netherlands. We have been in business since 2005 and over the past decade have focused on providing expert, quality advice and personalized guidance to students from a range of different backgrounds who are looking to pursue further education in North America.

  • GUTS – Go USA Talent In Sports is founded in 2015 in Amsterdam in the Netherlands. GUTS guides talented, ambitious student-athletes with the desire to improve their athletic and academic careers in primarily the top sports country in the world – the United States. GUTS focuses on an athlete’s long-term ambition with school placement being an important component. Not only do we take the student-athlete’s playing level into account, but also their educational aspirations and all financial options or limitations. GUTS works with the student-athlete’s coaches, sport specific trainers, S&C coaches and other professionals to ensure that they are fully prepared for their career in North America.