Studying at green river college

Green River College is an American college in Auburn in the state of Washington. In the beautiful surroundings of Seattle you can do the first two years of a bachelor with the possibility to continue your studies without delay at a top university in America or several other universities worldwide! Green River College also offers gap years and gap semesters! If you would like to know more about Green River College, meet us at the 2018 Go Global Education Fair!

Why Study at green river college?

In addition to gap years, or even gap semesters, Green River College offers a broad range of Associate degrees and even a University Transfer Pathway (UTP) Program! The UTP offers students courses equivalent to the first two years of a university degree. After that, students can transfer to a university to complete their four-year degree!  Students save money by attending Green River Community College for two years before they transfer to a university.

Ten reasons why you should study at GRC:

  1. GRC is a leader in university transfer
  2. GRC is an award-winning college
  3. GRC offers individual advising to help you meet your goals
  4. GRC offers on-campus student housing
  5. GRC offers great programs, including Intensive English and High School Completion
  6. GRC offers peer mentoring and leadership development programs
  7. Beautiful campus surrounded by forest and trees
  8. GRC offers University Transfer Pathways (UTP) agreements with over 30 four-year universities
  9. Active student life on campus
  10. New modern buildings and facilities

Auburn is about a 40 minute drive from Seattle – a great city with lots of fun sights, cultural activities and restaurants. Also, the nature around Auburn is spectacular. There are several national parks where you can enjoy snowboarding and where you can go hiking!

What are my options at green river college?

Green River College offers great programs and services, aiming to help you achieve YOUR goals, whether it is to transfer to a top university, better your English or experience the American college life.

  • Gap Year/Gap Semester: Experience American College life by spending a gap year or even a gap semester at GRC!
  • Associate degree; Obtain an Associate Degree at Green River College!
  • University Transfer Pathway (UTP): GRC offers students 2+2 transfer programs opportunities to start their 4-year bachelor’s degree. GRC has University Transfer Pathway agreements with over 30 universities!
  • High School Completion Program: Complete high school & college credits at the same time. A fast track to a US university degree and an excellent option for High School Exchange Students.
  • Intensive English: Prepare for academic study at American colleges & universities. Small classes & personal attention from highly qualified instructors allow you to study at an intensive pace.

Athletics at GRC

Men's sports

Cross Country
Track & Field

women's sports

Cross Country
Track & Field


Check out the webinar that GRC did for UStudy below!

Would you like to know more?

You can meet a Green River College representative at the 2018 Go Global Education Fair! A UStudy or GUTS Study Advisor can, then, guide you through your application process; from scholarship and visa applications, insurance, the translation of your diploma and grade list, and much more!