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UStudy Partnership benefits

Establishing a recruitment agreement or a MOU with UStudy has several benefits for schools like yours. UStudy provides its partner schools the following services:

Generous fair discount

Partner schools receive a generous discount to exhibit at our annual Global Education Fair. This discount also applies to all sponsorship packages for the fairs.

Priority referral

Be the first to contact our students. Priority referral is offered to partner schools.


UStudy hosts and markets informational seminars by partner school reps. These seminars can take place either on location or through webinar via our social media platform.

FACILITATING partnerships with ScHOOLS

UStudy, through its consultancy NEXT Education Global, assists in exploring and setting up study abroad or exchange programs with educational institutions in Europe.

Logo visibility

The partner school's logo and a link to your website are permanently featured throughout the UStudy website.

advertisement discounts

UStudy offers many attractive options, such as advertorials, editorials, interviews with students and alumni, and more! Partner schools receive a generous discount on our already competitive rates!

About UStudy

our clientele

UStudy annually guides between 150 and 200 students to the US and Canada at the high school, undergraduate, and graduate level. We also serve professionals looking for a seat in Law School or Medical School. Placement is offered at schools in all 50 US states and all provinces of Canada. Although most of our clients are from the Netherlands, UStudy has a growing number of clients from Belgium and other Western European countries.

Many of our students are academically talented, with rigorous high school curriculum participation (AP/IB level courses), strong GPA and excellent TOEFL and SAT/ACT scores. Both from national and international schools and sometimes with more than one citizenship.

In 2015 UStudy Sports joined forces with InnoPerformance to form Go USA Talent in Sports (GUTS), see . GUTS guides prospective student-athletes who are keen to improve their athletic skills in a competitive and challenging varsity team. GUTS has placed students with talent in basketball, baseball, tennis, soccer, field hockey, golf, ice hockey, American football, volleyball, gymnastics, softball, cricket, rowing, swimming, and water polo.

We also often assist with midterm referrals, one-semester referrals, and non-degree seeking students. These are, for the most part, academic and professional qualifications (associate, bachelor, master degrees) but are also applicable for English/French language training and summer programs.

How we are different

Our core business is to provide expert, concrete options and plans for everyone wishing to study in North America. At UStudy our personal, customized guidance services starts with the student-client, whose wishes and goals are at the heart of our work. Because our work is individually tailored to suit each client’s wishes, UStudy is compatible with all colleges and universities in the US and Canada at all levels and locations.

Our main service involves creating a thorough, step-by-step admissions plan for one or more institutions that suits the client’s individual budget and goals, as well as their academic and/or athletic abilities. A large range of other services fall within the application spectrum, such as helping to edit a student’s academic/sports resume, tutoring for the SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and TOEFL tests, providing coaching on how to write college application essays, any necessary translation work, and help with answering  questions about admissions and visa requirements.

UStudy works closely with guidance counselors and education mentors within local and international high schools throughout the Netherlands. Our director, Marina Meijer, previously worked as the Guidance Counselor For The US at The International School of The Hague. In this capacity, Marina provided advice and guidance to students (and their parents) who are specifically interested in furthering their education in the US.

As an organization, UStudy also serves Dutch high schools in a variety of ways: from guiding them in creating a school profile, to setting up partner programs with US and Canadian high schools, colleges or universities. Since 2014, UStudy has hosted an annual workshop specifically tailored towards Dutch guidance counselors that provides them with a guideline on how to assist their own students who want to pursue an education program in the US. These workshops are unique in their kind and our close and trusted relationship with guidance counselors is where UStudy has a distinct market advantage over competitive European agents.

other activities

UStudy is part of Go USA Talent in Sports (GUTS) and hosts several popular and high level events throughout the year including:

  • Sports Exposure Showcases (women’s field hockey, women’s & men’s soccer and women’s & men’s basketball).
  • Go Global Education Fairs (formerly: the Go USA Education Fairs). Previous fairs hosted more then 1,000 high quality students and their families and included over 40 US school exhibitors.
  • Guidance Counselor Workshop held biannually.
See highlight videos of one of our Field Hockey Showcases and our Education Fairs:

ustudy partnership agreement

What is included?


    • Priority referral of our clients to partner schools.
    • UStudy hosts and markets informational seminars by visiting representatives of partner schools. These information sessions take place at our office in the Netherlands or as a webinar via our social media platforms.
    • Partner Schools enjoy a generous discount to exhibit at our annual GO Global Education Fair. A discount also applies to all sponsorship packages for the fairs.
    • Partner Schools enjoy generous discounts on our advertisement options. Using various channels, UStudy promotes the partner school by writing and sharing editorials, conducting and sharing interviews with your Dutch & Belgian students and alumns, and more! See our advertisement options here.
    • The Partner School’s logo and a link to your website is permanently featured on our home page
    • A Partner School fact sheet is published on our website. We highlight this on our website and social media channels as part of our “Featured Schools” program.
    • UStudy, through its partner organization NEXT Education Global assists in creating a partnership program for study abroad/exchange with an educational institutions in the Netherlands or elsewhere in Europe. Please contact for more info.


Apart from a referral fee per client, many of our partnership agreements include additional perks for UStudy e.g.:

  • Waiver of the application fee
  • Acceptance of application materials beyond the published deadlines
  • Test requirement waiver e.g. waiver of SAT/ACT, acceptance of Cambridge or DuoLingo in lieu of TOEFL


UStudy recognizes that every school has its unique template and conditions for a partnership agreement. We are happy to discuss any proposal with potential partners. Please complete the form below and upload your institution’s proposed agreement for review.


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Go Global Education Fair, Marina Meijer, Study Advisor for the US

Marina Meijer

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Any questions? Meet Marina, your contact person for all questions regarding your visit, the fair or sponsorship packages, or your stay in the Netherlands!