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Are you an ambitious and talented student-athlete? Do you desire to combine athletics and academics? Do you want to play sports in a professional, competitive environment in one of the top sports countries in the world? Then look no further: the US is where you need to be.

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In the US, college sports are played on a greater scale than any other school competition in the world! The five collegiate athletic institutions in the US, of which the NCAA is the largest, represent thousands of colleges, and over a half million student-athletes who compete annually in the US.

Student-athletes who participate in varsity sports are a privileged group who hold a special status in their schools. By training and playing daily with teammates and receiving guidance by professional coaches and staff, you will become a better player. Everything is done to develop you into the best version of yourself, both in and out of the classroom and your sport. Often times, staff will help student-athletes manage important aspects of your academic and athletic life such as academic guidance, facilities, practices, camps, and competitions. Your access to leading facilities and training to help grow your athletic ability and will provide possible opportunities in professional sport organizations. Trained staff will help guide your academic curriculum to optimally integrate your athletic schedule.

GO Global Education Fair

GUTS guided Robin Neumann, Olympic medalist, to UC Berkeley

after graduating

After a multiyear experience in North America, you will return with an accredited international diploma and as an evolved person – one who displayed perseverance and gained industriousness in high performance situations. These skills will greatly improve your ability to confront your next challenges in life. While some will pursue an academic route, others will journey onward as professional athletes.

it is for everyone!

From experience with many former student-athletes, we know there is an available place for every person at either a US high school, college, or university

If you are interested in experiencing the greatness of sports and study in North America and would you like to develop yourself as a person, athlete, and student, join our community now and meet your future school at the 2019 Go Global Education Fair on the 5th and 6th of October!   

GO Global Education Fair


It is no wonder why it is a dream of many athletes to play in a North American collegiate competition. However, the road can be bumpy for international students.  Go USA Talent in Sports (GUTS) guides talented, ambitious student-athletes with the desire to improve their athletic skills and obtain a degree in the US. Together with the student-athlete, we find the most suitable situation, one meeting both the student’s athletic and academic needs. GUTS focuses on the long-term goal of the student-athlete. In addition to the athletic skills, we also take the financial (im)possibilities and study ambitions of the student-athlete into account.

Meet Mark - Athletic Director at GUTS

As GUTS’ Athletic Director, Mark Schuurman is the contact person for GUTS athletes as well as for coaches and parents regarding available athletic opportunities for student-athletes. Mark is available to answer all your questions about playing sports in the US! Meet him at the GUTS booth at the Go Global Education Fair! Or contact him at


As GUTS’ Academic Director, Marina Meijer is the contact person for the GUTS student-athletes as well as for coaches and parents regarding available academic opportunities . Marina is available to answer all your questions about playing sports in the US and obtaining a degree! Meet Marina at the GUTS booth at the Go Global Education Fair! Or contact her at