Represent your school at the GGEF!

Opportunities for alumni
and Current students

The annual Go Global Education Fair gives students, student-athletes, parents, high school guidance counselors, university graduates, and sports coaches the opportunity to learn all about study options in the US and Canada.

In 2019 there will be TWO Go Global Education Fairs: Saturday 5 October at the Gemeentelijk Gymnasium Hilversum, and Sunday 6 October at the Rodenborch College in Rosmalen. Both fairs will run from 11:30 – 16:30.

The GGEF also offers presentations to visitors on study opportunities and application processes. These are done by UStudy and GUTS employees and will be held in separate areas.

What will I be doing?

You will be greeting visitors at your table and answering questions, as well as sharing about your personal experience of studying in the US or Canada. And best of all, you get paid to bring up these fond memories! And if you don’t know an answer to a particular question, then don’t worry, simply refer the person to the UStudy or GUTS exhibitor table!

The school you are representing will have already sent some brochures and other marketing material to the venue, so all you will need to do is unpack your box (or boxes) and lay out your material on your table so that it is clear and presentable to visitors. We ask that you arrive at 10:30 on each Fair day. This is so that you have time to set up your booth and enjoy a light networking lunch with UStudy staff and the other exhibitors. The fair will then start at 11:30.

In order for us to keep track of visitors and specific questions that they may have about your school, you will need to make sure that you have at least one ‘Visitors Spreadsheet’ at your table. This spreadsheet is included in your ‘FAQs’ package, or you can pick up one of these from the UStudy table before the fair starts.

Will I receive a compensation?

Absolutely! UStudy Ambassadors at the Fair receive a fixed reimbursement of 75 euros for each day of the fair that you attend. This amount is to cover your transport costs to and from the fair.


As an alumnus, the best way you can prepare for the fair is to think back about your own personal experience of studying in the US or Canada and what stands out for you. Ask yourself some questions to trigger your memory, such as: What were your best memories? What did you struggle with the most? What was the application process like? What was it like being away from home and having to do everything yourself? How was life on campus as a student? If you were an athlete, how did that affect your experience? These are some of the common questions visitors will ask you.

It’s always best to speak from YOUR own personal experience. Don’t worry if and when you get questions you can’t answer – simply be honest, say you don’t know, and refer that person to the UStudy table at the fair or ask them to contact UStudy after the fair. We are happy to answer questions, free of obligation. They should also write down that question on the ‘Visitors Spreadsheet’ at your table.

Unless you have been specifically asked to do an presentation, there is no need to prepare any sort of PowerPoint as you will be spending your time at your alma mater’s booth. However, if you have some photographs from your experience, or a school t-shirt, then feel free to bring/wear those. Basically, let the day be an enjoyable nostalgic trip back to your time in North America, and enjoy the feeling of inspiring others too.

If you are not wearing any school apparel, you are free to wear whatever you wish, as long as you look professional.

Have we convinced you? Great! What happens now? After you have filled out the form below, we will contact your (former) school to tell them that they have a local representative to represent their school at the Fair!

* To receive compensation for your activities, UStudy needs your IBAN number. It looks like this: NL01 ABNA 0123 4567 89.

Ask me!

Questions? Meet Marina, your contact person for all your questions regarding the Go Global Education Fair!