Why study in the us?

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Why study in the us?

Studying in the US may be an appealing option, but you are so far from home and costs can be higher, so how do you decide between studying in the Netherlands or the US? Here are some reasons why the US is still the most popular educational destination for international students from around the world.

Academic Flexibility

In the US, students can choose from a number of courses and the education system does not categorize students. Students in the US can choose between a two or four-year college program. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree offers a broader range of general knowledge through a wide range of courses, personal development and academic skills. Students focus on a specific direction during the second phase of their study. More choice is available by combining programs, for example you could graduate in liberal arts, with a major in science, etc.

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IT IS for everyone!

Will only top students be accepted? No, in fact there is room for everyone and there are different types of colleges and universities that cater to students of all abilities and interests, including a number that focus on athletic achievement.

it is affordable!

What? Yes – you heard it here! Despite popular belief: studying in the US does not have to break the bank. In fact, in some cases studying in the US can be CHEAPER than studying in the Netherlands! If you are looking for the most affordable options, then we you can consider Junior Colleges (two-year colleges). Do not forget: international students have several scholarship options to make even the more expensive colleges and universities affordable. Did you know that students can get academic, as well as athletics? It is important to submit a strong application and begin the process early. Are you interested in learning more about your study options, please visit the UStudy (academic students) and/or GUTS (student-athletes) booth at the GGEF 2019 and we can assist you in finding the right school representative to speak to at the Fair!

Employment Opportunities

Many US colleges offer excellent internship programs with top employers from a wide variety of industries. Often an internship is a requirement for completing a degree program. Career Service Centers at each college offer guidance, tips and support for resume writing, answer questions about how to apply for a job, help improve interview skills and provide advice on career development. The Optional Practical Training also means you can work in the US for up to three years in your related field after graduating.

And... have you seen this?

The US offers the perfect mix between exciting city life and breathtaking nature! See the videos below.

Go Global Education Fair, Marina Meijer, Study Advisor for the US

Meet Marina - Study advisor for the US

Marina is available to answer all your questions about studying in the US! Meet her at the UStudy booth at the Go Global Education Fair! Or contact her at marina@ustudy.world.